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The Smith Family                                                                                                     

 Hi, we’re the Smith Family

We are about to embark on a crazy adventure that many families dream about. We are taking a year out and travelling around Australia. The Smiths are Mike (dad), Sharon (mum), Coby (daughter, 45) and Rhys (son, 2 3). We are a British/Australian family, who are now realising a long held dream.


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We’d love you all to join us for the big adventure.

Shaz, Mike, Coby & Rhys


8 Responses

  1. Just wanted to wish you good luck on your great adventure! You’re going to have a wonderful time. We’re looking forward to reading all about it! Love Kevin, Terri, Ali, Danni & Matt.

  2. Hi Sharon and Mike!
    Came across your blog and just wanted to say a huge thanks! We are nine months from departure so just gearing up. Paul and I and the four boys (15, 12, 10, 7) plan to do 12 months with 4wd and jayco pop out (or similar). Like you, we plan to mix free camps, NP’s and parks, and to occasionally leave the van (Fraser Island, etc) and tent it. Your ‘preparation’ section has been terrific. Any info you have about how your set up is working now that you’re on the road is much appreciated – what did you take that you could have done without? What do you wish you taken more of? How much clothing for kids? How’s your budget working out? Does it get boring looking for cheap/free stuff to do constantly or saying no to expensive day activities, etc? Thanks again , and I’ll be following with interest. Happy travels, Mev.

  3. Hi Smith Family,
    You guys are looking great and what a wonderful thing to be doing! Gordon thinks that now we have kids a life of travel is gone, I say it’s just different.
    Love Smith Family (Vert, Gordon, Thomas & Abby) xox

    • Hi Vert, Gordon, thomas and Abby,
      Nice to hear from you guys. You should tell Gordon your travelling days are NOT over, they just require more effort, and less relaxing with a beer. But as you can probably tell, we are having a ball.
      X Sharon

  4. Hi, my husband and I along with our two year old boy and six year old girl left in February for our year long trip. We would love to share experiences. I am teacher, so had my resources to use however as I have a two year old I need to be flexible with lessons. Some days I have a reluctant daughter but I have some strategies to help me remain sane now. I would love to meet more families traveling. We have only met one so far. We are in Roma, Queensland for a few more weeks, heading towards Mackay after that. Katherine

  5. Hi Smith family.
    We have enjoyed your article in the Caravan World magazine and are now following your adventure via this website. Enjoy ever minute. Life passes so quickly. I am sure the kids will never forget their experience either. Please look us up when you return (if you havn’t had enough by then) and join us at one of our rallies. Best wishes – Ken – Coromal Caravan Owners Club of Victoria. http://home.vicnet.net.au/~coromal/

  6. Hi Sharon,
    Just read your comments about Exmouth on the Big 4 web site. Iwould like to inform you that the info on the NCS HEH (Communication Station) is totally wrong. The base has not closed down (nothing to do with Sept 11). The base still communicates with submarines and will still do so for the next 20-25 years. I have just retired from the base having started there in 1967 and I can assure you it was operational 3 weeks ago.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of you travels

    • Hi Len,

      Thanks a lot for correcting that information. I was writing on the information I was given from our tour guides, but I appreciate you putting me right. Hope you enjoy your retirement.


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