The Decision is Final

Our PatrolThe decision has been made, and I just got my sabbatical approved from work. It’s all systems go. We are spending 10 months next year travelling around Australia in a caravan. It is really exciting, but a bit daunting for the amount of planning we have to do.

Mike and I have done a bit of travelling in our time. Africa, SE Asia, India, Middle East. We have even spent 8 weeks doing the Queensland coast and some of the Northern Territory. But all this was BC (Before Children) so this will be a different kind of experience.

We only moved permanently to Australia last year. Mike is a POM, and is still a recent immigrant. I was born and bred in Australia, but have spent most of the last decade living in London. I loved it, but am happy to be back in Oz to raise our little family.

We have decided to do this now, rather than wait until retirement. It’s a golden opportunity to spend loads of quality time with our daughter Coby (almost 4) and our son Rhys (2) while they are young, and their minds are like little sponges. I’m also happy about the fact that Coby is not due to start school until the trip is completed, so I don’t have that added issue of home schooling.

I am very lucky to work for a company that really understands about family time, and work/life balance. I realise that not everyone would have an opportunity such as this.

Before we got the final go-ahead, Mike had been researching 4WD and caravan options for months. He also joined the local 4WD club, to talk to some experienced owners, to get advice on what would be suitable, and in our budget.

Living in the country has proved to make purchasing the right kind of vehicle a bit of a challenge. There was not much to choose from in the second-hand market. But we finally found something suitable, a red 2000 Nissan Patrol….. It’s a beast, with a 2.8 tonne towing capacity.

Now that we have the horse, we have to find the perfect cart…



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