Where are we going?

One of the most common questions posed to us by family and friends is ‘Where are you going during your trip’? We are trying to not over prepare, as things happen and plans change. However, a rough strategy is essential, and we already have an idea of what we want to do.

The first major decision was which direction we take first. This has been a discussion point since day one, before the trip was even confirmed. Anti-clockwise would mean travelling up the populated east coast first, and travelling to remote areas once we were more experienced travellers. However if we went clockwise, we have the east coast to look forward to once caravan and travel weariness set in.

In the end, practicalities made the decision for us.

Our route will mainly be influenced by the dry season up north. The trip will start at the beginning of March. Basically, we will be travelling around Australia clockwise, sticking to the coast for the majority of it. We will visit the Kimberley’s at the start of the dry season in May (depending on the severity of the Wet season), and hopefully will be experiencing Cape York around the end of the dry season in October. One way or another, the trip will end around Christmas as I am due back at work 3rd January 2012, and Coby will be starting school soon after.

A wish-list of places to visit and things we want to do is forever growing and changing. Mike and I have done a lot of travelling BC (Before Children) and we know that most of the decisions will be made as it happens. But I don’t want to spoil the surprises that await, so I’ll keep everyone guessing…


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