There is a House in our Carport

At long last, we are finally in possession of our new home for 2011.

The new CaravanSure, we owned it a month ago, but physically getting it from its old home to its new proved to be a bit challenging. The couple we bought it off live over 1100 km away. Their next door neighbours had an incident with their water tank, which flooded the exit route for the van. Thankfully the van was fine. After waiting two weeks for the area to dry again, we had family visiting from the UK, so Mike was unable to take off straight away.

Finally a time was arranged in our busy schedules, and Mike did the two day round trip. After an hour fitting the tow hitch, setting the brake controller and doing paperwork, he was off. This was his first time towing a van and I was secretly very nervous about the long trip home. But he made it in a day without any problems.

The van was set up immediately in the front yard, showing it off to all visitors who came round for a sticky. We spent an afternoon or two sitting in the van, making plans and discussing storage options. I must say, I love it. It’s in really good condition, and even has that ‘new’ caravan smell, as the previous owners never cooked in it, and looked after it very well. Everything works, including the air-conditioning. The van has a few idiosyncrasies, where the previous owner made a few minor and somewhat helpful modifications. Some bits we haven’t managed to work out yet, and we have a few of our own to carry out.

After one failed attempt, the van was successfully backed into the carport, right next to our front door.

Care of Grandma and Grandad from England, the kids both have in car DVD players for the really long journeys. They are the type that can be strapped to the back of headrests, but are removable for nights in the van. But we are keeping these a secret until Christmas.

It’s less than 3 months now until we go. Organisation will really start to speed up now, as I have some time off over Christmas. Mike is getting into installing more essential extras for the truck. The stereo/GPS is going in tomorrow, and the draws and cargo barrier will be fitted in the coming weeks.

The excitement is building rapidly. So join us next time as we continue to prep the Patrol and begin packing up our possessions. It’s going to feel good de-cluttering our life.

Kids jumping on the bed


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