It’s a Maiden

Yay, its holiday time. Ten days off over the festive season gave us an opportunity to have a trial run in the caravan. We have owned it for a few months, but were yet to actually use it.

After some research and debate, we decided to throw ourselves in the deep end. Our challenge was a two night trip to a campsite with no shower, no power and limited facilities. It was also free. If we survive this, then anything else should be a piece of cake. So the Sawpit Camp site in Mt Clay state forest was chosen, and we were off on New Year’s Day.

We packed everything we thought was needed. Mike spent around two hours with the jigsaw puzzle that was loading the four bikes on the bike rack. We took photos so he could remember how he did it. I was armed with my notebook to record anything we had forgotten or realised we could use. By the end of the trip, the list was quite long. Van & Truck set up

Sawpit was rather busy, not surprising given the time of year. However we easily found a spot right next to the local motor home club. Mike managed to reverse in the caravan after only 2 attempts and started teaching me how to set up. Kids were happy to go off exploring the trees and ‘Sawpit’ next to our site. Features of the area included composting toilets, picnic tables, wood-burning BBQ’s, spacious and flat sites, and not much else.

After setting up, and having lunch, we decided to spend the afternoon cycling to Narrawong beach for an excursion. Both the kids have bikes now, and they are attached to ours via a Trail-gator. Both of them are happy to hold on and be towed along. I’m really glad Rhys has finally worked out how to pedal forwards instead of backwards, although I will miss that extra calorie burn. We had an easy afternoon walking on the beach, pushing swings and eating ice cream before cycling back.

The kids were too excited about the novelty of sleeping in a caravan to have an afternoon nap (this will wear off pretty quickly, I’m sure). By sundown they were exhausted. A quick bucket bath and they were asleep in moments, not to be heard from again until 9am the next day. They never sleep that late at home.

Sunday was spent in Portland, walking and eating out for lunch. The local YMCA pool had a ‘Family Fun Day’, which was a load of fun for both us and the children. Coby surprised us by having a go on the big waterslide. She has never had the confidence to do anything like that before. Rhys was happy to just splash about in the toddler pool with the pool toys.

One thing we have immediately noticed during this trip was the friendliness of fellow campers. Everyone camping in the surrounding area came over just to say Hi and introduce themselves. We met another family on our second afternoon. They were experienced caravaner’s, and were travelling for a month over their holidays. We exchanged stories and got lots of great tips and advice. It also helped that their two older children were more than happy to entertain our little brood while we sat around and relaxed.

Kids having funSo we survived our maiden voyage without any major incidences or mishaps. The truck still needs some maintenance but everything in the caravan appears to be in great working order. We arrived back at home tired but happy, and feeling a bit more prepared for our year ahead.

Just to be sure, voyage two is currently in planning, and a camping trip with just the truck is also on the cards if time allows. For now it’s back to the packing and truck preparation.


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  1. It might be nice to join you for part 2, If I wouldn’t be in the way…then I can practice putting my tent up – which is almost as difficult as everything you have had to do 😉

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