Our life in a box

It’s really tough making decisions about stuff. We need to keep some of it, take some of it, and purge as much as possible. I find it amazing we have managed to accumulate so much stuff in the two years we have been living in Australia. ‘Ruthless’ was the theme for this month.

What to do with all the Kid’s toys? Now that’s a tough one. Toys and playthings evoke so many memories about their development and passions at different stages of their short lives. How can I possibly part with that toy giraffe that instigated Coby’s first smile? How can I give away Rhys’ much loved train table, the one he still plays with for hours on end? Realistically, we have limited storage space and he would have grown out of it by the time we get back (at least I console myself with this thought).

So came the day of the garage sale. The main point of it was to ensure useful stuff went on to continue to be useful, so everything was priced to sell. Of course we kept heaps of the favourite toys, but more than half of it went (mostly the large stuff). Our BBQ went, as did my old bike. Strangely, nobody wanted my old 1993 42cm telly that was still in perfect working order, with remote. Its flat screens all the way these days. We were blessed with a nice, sunny day and had a great turnout. Most of it went, and almost all the leftovers we were able to give to a charity shop.

Since then, all our spare time has been taken up with packing. The bulk of it was moved into storage last weekend. It’s kind of strange seeing your whole entire life in such a small amount of space, but I am glad we have downsized and de-cluttered.

Camping at HomeWe are warming up for our trip, by living almost exclusively on camping furniture in our house. I have to keep popping outside to get food out of the caravan fridge. The kids love the extra space, and Rhys keeps pretending the front room is a cricket pitch. The last of it is going on Sunday, and we officially move out Monday. I still have one last week at work, so Port Fairy Big4 Caravan Park will be our home for the last 5 nights in town.

This is the last blog post I will be doing from our home PC.  Mike has also taken the opportunity to write a final, pre-trip update on Mike’s Page.

So next time you will be hearing from us, we will literally be living in a box, as our journey of a lifetime begins…


3 Responses

  1. Hey There Sharon

    Gorgeous photos! you guys are amazing and congrats for taking such a huge step. Love reading your posts!

    Take care

    Jules xx

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Hope all goes well with the trip! Im sure you are all very excited and cant wait to get going.
    I love reading your blog and look forward to following your trip.
    Cheers leetisha

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