And so it begins…

So after 12 months planning, dreaming, worrying and organizing, we are FINALLY on the road.  It is all so very surreal, with waves of different emotions including euphoria, excitement and terror, wondering if we have truly gone mad.  For better or worse, there is no backing out now.

Five days before we left, we spent the day cleaning, vacuuming and packing.  The last of the things we thought we would need went into the caravan, and we moved out of our house.  Our first port of call was The Anchorage, which is the Port Fairy Big 4.  To read more about this fantastic Holiday Park, click here.

 On moving day, I had 4 days left at work before we are truly on the road.  Staying at the holiday park gave us a bit of a buffer.  We still had access to our stuff, and could dump what we thought we didn’t need.  Despite our ‘ruthlessness’, the van still is heavy, and we are looking at things saying ‘do we really need that’.  Time will tell.

So our first afternoon was spent checking out our first real caravan park.  We really enjoyed our 5 nights at the Anchorage, and the facilities were great.  The one downside, nobody ordered the weather.  Our first night would have to be the coldest night of this summer yet.   

So came my final day at work.  I was kept busy right up until the last minute.  My last hour was spent giving a final presentation to get my ‘Greenbelt’, which was the completion of a rather large project from last year.  But I’m glad I finished work on a high note.  I had a lovely lunch with my colleagues, and drinks at the local after work. 

Our First Border CrossingSaturday morning we were off to Robe, which meant we crossed our first state border on day one.  We wanted to take it reasonably easy, so we meandered through Mount Gambier, where we stopped at the sinkhole for lunch, Beachport for afternoon snack and them found a great little bush camp around 3 km outside of Robe. BushCamp @ 'The Gums' Little Dip CA 

Unfortunately our first night was cold and rainy, so we were half expecting to take off the next day if the weather didn’t improve.  I rose early to walk through the dunes to a beautiful deserted beach and enjoyed the sunrise in peace, wishing it was a few degrees warmer so I could face a swim.



West Beach CoastlineWe spent the day exploring the wonderful coastal town.  Robe may not be famous for Robes, but it has a lot to offer in scenery and quaintness.  We did the Western cliff walk, with its rugged coastline, and pristine, crystal clear blue water. 

Robe was founded in 1802 by a French explorer, and settled the same year.  It was established as a port in 1847, and named after the original Governor.   Being such a historic town, it has a few lovely old cottages, and interesting architecture.  These days, it is a centre for the rock lobster industry, and a working fishing port.  With this in mind, we gave the kids a first go at fishing.Coby Fishing Robe Jetty



Truck on LongbeachOne of the highlights of the day was taking a drive on Long Beach.  There is a 12 km stretch that is perfectly legal to drive on, and easily enjoyed in a 4WD.



We will spend the next few days travelling northwards to Adelaide, where we will visit our first Playgroup, and explore the city and surrounds.


5 Responses

  1. Good to see that you are on the road!! I will be keeping watch of your travels… Be safe and take care! xxx

  2. Hello travellers,
    Loved your story and pics! Rodes seems such a lovely (unspoiled?) place and an excellent spot to start the kids off fishing. You guys look so relaxed and happy. Wish we could be somewhere closer. Maybe soon…Is it possible to have a map on your blog so that we can follow you on the map? That would be my only comments. Continue to have a GREAT time and be SAFE! hugs & kisses B&C XXX

    • Hi B&C,
      We looked into including a map. Its something I would LOVE to do, but we couldn’t find anything appropriate and easy to use. Here’s an interesting idea for all those computer geeks out there. If an interactive map as a feature for travel blogs already exists, I would love to know about it.
      Missing you guys, and hope to see you sometime in the not to distant future. X

  3. Oh..that lovely blue water…great start to the tales, cant wait until you are in ‘exciting’ territory! 🙂

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